Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser Machine

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  1. A BOTTLE IN SECONDS: THIS. This is why the Baby Brezza Formula Pro is worth every penny. Instead of fumbling with a measuring spoon and living with a kitchen counter perpetually covered in formula and hot water, I can make our daughter, Olive, a perfectly warm bottle in seconds. Press one button, and *poof*, instant bottle. The hubs can make the bottle in seconds, my mom can make a bottle confidently, even our 5 year old can help make a bottle for his baby sister if he needs to. And in the mornings when we are already crazy trying to get a 4 year old fed and dressed for preschool, while we are also eating and prepping for work, the ease of making Olive’s bottles for daycare will be the one thing that literally saves our sanity, because prepping bottles in the morning might be the most stressful part of motherhood for a working mom like me.
  2. PRE MEASURED FORMULA FOR EVERY FORMULA BRAND: The Baby Brezza Formula Pro offers formula measurement settings for every formula brand, even the obscure German formula we use.
  3. NEAR BODY TEMPERATURE WATER: This is one of my favorite features of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. The water temperature is warmed up to a temperature similar to our body temperature, the most optimal level for feeding babies, since it’s the similar temperature of our breast milk. Never too hot and never too cold.
  4. NO MIXING NEEDED: Baby Brezza’s patented mixing technology dispenses the formula and water in a way that blends the two together as it fills the bottle. It’s a bit of a minor miracle, but it definitely works. The only reason I still have to “mix” our bottle is because I add an infant probiotic powder after using the Baby Brezza Formula Pro.
  5. CLEAR CARE INSTRUCTIONS AND AUTOMATIC REMINDERS: When researching baby formula makers, the most heated discussion about them involves the cleaning and maintenance. Many parents complain about how time intensive it is, or how they were surprised to find mold, and countless other issues. With the Baby Brezza Formula Pro, there are alerts that prevent more bottle making until the parts are cleaned. Literally, you cannot make a bottle until the funnel and other critical parts of the Formula Pro are removed and cleaned – genius. And, when unpacking and setting up the product, the cleaning and maintenance warnings and directions were beyond explicit and included very detailed instructions. Yes, owning a baby formula maker requires time to maintain it, but so does owning many of our other prized appliances. And with the amount of time and stress this product saves us, I believe it’s worth the effort.