Babyjem Bucket Ear Protection

AED. 55.00
Tax included.

Mothers have been covering their babies’ faces for many years, preventing the light from coming in and trying to put their babies to sleep this method may cause the baby to be short of breath. Babyjem sleep band only covers your baby’s eyes, the nose and mouth will not be covered and will not cause any danger.

  • The layer at the ear level ensures that the ear stands correctly.
  • Thanks to Velcro, you can adjust the size according to your baby’s head structure.
  • It will help prevent your baby’s ears, which are still in the form of cartilage, from being folded and malformed.
  • 0+ months

Usage: Adjust the tape to circulate around your baby’s head and stick it on the velcro. The extensions in the ear section should correspond to your baby’s ears. Attach the navy blue section to the velcro section on the upper part of your eyes and stick it to your eyes at an angle where the light will not come.