Plastimyr Bathtub Tubby - white

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The Plastimyr Tubby Bathtub is a rigid bathtub perfect for the baths of the first months of your baby. Its ergonomic shape keeps your baby's head upright while maintaining a correct posture during bathing. Also thanks to its non-slip back, available in several colors, along with the wedge to hold the butt of your little one, you will prevent it from slipping away and you can enjoy bath time with more tranquility. Its compact size allows you to cover your baby's body with less water than other bathtubs, maintaining the right bathroom temperature for longer.

Features of the Tubby Bathtub:

  • Rigid bathtub.
  • Ergonomic shape safer and more comfortable for your baby.
  • Safety wedge to prevent the baby from slipping away.
  • Non-slip back to place the baby's back and avoid slipping.
  • Non-slip at the bottom to prevent slipping.
  • Two backup colors available.
  • Its size keeps the water warm longer and your little one can enjoy bath time.
  • The baby's posture helps relieve lactating colic and relaxes your baby.
  • Recommended from birth to 9 months (maximum of 8 kg).
  • Size: 38,3 x 40,7 x 67,7 cm.