Bebecar Push Dupla 2X + 1 Bag + 2 Car Seats - KP051 (Light Grey)

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Dupla is a versatile and adaptable chassis, it can be used as a two-seater, twin or SINGLE  Stroller . The use of two reversible and reclining chairs up to the fully horizontal position is ideal for twins.

Dupla allows you to use for 2 different age kids , a todler and a baby 

Dupla can be converted into a single-seater stroller, simply by removing the adapter, thus making the chassis more compact.

The Dupla chair includes chassis, adapter for the two seats, two reversible seat units with hood and two car seats + bag 

in the box :

1 chassis

2 seat units (full recline like bed)

2 new car seats 

1 mama bag with changing mat