Bobi Craft The Melodic Barbra

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Barbra music

Melodic Guardians - The Music Guardian of Dreamland will now be not only a friend for your baby to embrace but also a friend who can sing playful melodies, tell colorful fairy tales to your baby every day.
The Music Guardian has been EN71 certified from wool, Rohs, BQB, FCC certification for the speaker equipment so the parents of the baby will also be more assured about the safety of the baby!

Kichsh ruler : 17cm * 10cm * 9cm

Material : 100% Premium Acryic

Baby safety toys have always been Bobi Craft's goal. This smart music barbra will always accompany her in playtime and also when learning.

- With imported materials from the UK and the US derived from nature, environmentally friendly, safe for sensitive skin of babies, Bobi Craft believes that wool teddy bears will give children the smoothest, safest and most wonderful experience.

- Each type of teddy bear is knitted with bright colorful wool to stimulate the child's vision, making it easy for children to remember and develop the ability to think and recognize animals in the wild.

Bobi Craft wishes to create a meaningful, subtle and cute gift to connect parents and children with creative and humane stuffed animal characters.

- Barbra music will be a birthday gift, full of meaningful months for the children.

- The sophistication on each wool and the lovely appearance of the funny wool stuffed animal characters will surely win the hearts of any young person.