Babyjem Play Mat With Balls - Pink

AED. 235.00
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  • It is designed so that your baby can have a pleasant time and gain the ability to play alone.
  • The product includes a game pole designed with colorful toys that will attract the attention of your baby playing in the game pool.
  • Colored toys on soft poles support the development of your baby's fine motor skills, such as reaching out and exploring.
  • Babyjem Pool Bulk Play Carpet does not irritate your baby's skin with its 100% cotton fabric.
  • The floor part is soft thanks to the fiber filling.
  • Edge railings create a protected playground for your baby.
  • Edge protections can be opened at any time with side laces and can also be used as a game carpet.
  • The 25 colored balls that come out of the product allow your baby to have a pleasant time in the playground shaped like a playground.
  • There is a baby pillow inside.
  • It's light and practical.
  • It can be easily transported.
  • By uniting the soft pole parts, you can wash the floor of the game carpet in the machine.
  • Border:55 cm
  • Product size:70*70*50 cm