Jane Nature Mattress Cover 120*60 cm

AED. 75.00
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by Jane

Fitted sheet and mattress protector, the Jane fitted sheet improves the quality of your child's sleep

Features of the Jane fitted sheet

  • Adaptable fitted sheet with waterproof protector
  • 2 products in 1: fitted sheet and mattress protector.
  • Designed to promote restful sleep in a warm, clean environment.
  • Thanks to the combination of TENCEL™ and PERLAM® technologies, this sheet offers great softness to the touch, while being waterproof and breathable, and very effective as a barrier to inhibit the development of bacteria and dust mites.
  • TENCEL™ fiber: Helps reduce perspiration and neutralizes humidity. Particularly recommended for sensitive skin. Biodegradable natural fiber from wood cellulose grown in sustainable forests and plantations, respectful of the environment. Soft, resistant and antibacterial. This nanofiber absorbs 100% of moisture in 20 seconds and quickly releases it, preserving body heat. Certificate approved by LENZING™ (Certification number 11900304)
  • PERLAM® system: It is an intelligent membrane that quickly repels liquids and expels them to the outside, keeping the cover always dry. Allows the skin to perspire through the fabric, creating a favorable environment that promotes rest. It is a registered trademark whose technology is granted, under license, only to the best textile firms.