Spectra Breast Milk Storge Bag Adapter

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Introducing the perfect companion for your Spectra Milk Storage Bag with Temperature Sensor. Being able to pump directly into the storage bags removes spilling risk and makes mom life so much easier.

Pump directly into your milk storage bags with the Milk Storage Bag Adapter. This easy-to-use adapter helps keep your milk storage bags in place while you pump. The metal springs in the clips provide a super-secure grip on your bag of freshly pumped breast milk.

The Milk Storage Bag Adapters are 100% BPA-free, keeping your milk properties unaltered.

Main Features

  • Clear in color to easily monitor the milk expression during pumping
  • Strong, secure clips help keep bags in place while pumping
  • No more milk loss caused by transferring your milk from collection bottles to storage bags
  • Safe materials BPA free
  • Compatible with all Spectra Breast Shields and Spectra Milk Storage Bag with Temperature Sensor

Compatible with

How to use?

STEP 1 – Screw the adapter onto the pump breast shield

STEP 2 – Pinch the adapter clips to open position.

STEP 3 – Slide your open milk storage bag between the clips with adapter funnel below the zipper.

STEP 4 – Release the adapter clips to secure the milk storage bag for pumping.

Keep it safe!

Because they have stainless steel springs, you should NEVER sanitize them in the microwave to avoid injury or damage. Instead, wash them by hand or on the top rack of the dishwasher.

What’s in the box?

1 x milk storage bag adapter