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Aptica XT:

Inglesina exists to ensure the wellness and comfort of babies. With all-terrain capabilities, a complete sleep system with patented Welcome Pad™ and an easy one-hand fold, the Aptica XT is ideal for parents looking for the best for baby without compromising on style.

Full set includes.

  • Carrycot.
  • Welcome Pad® and Mattress.
  • Darwin Infant car seat.
  • Stand-up support.
  • Seat Unit.
  • Footmuff for stroller.
  • Chassis.
  • Storage basket.
  • Cup holder.

Carrycot: For the correct physiological development of the newborn baby, it is important to ensure that they are lying down and horizontal as long as possible. Thanks to its large internal dimensions (79 x 37 cm) they can lie down comfortably at least until 6 months old, even when wrapped in a winter muff or wearing a padded baby grow.


A mattress that is simply unique, like your baby:Welcome Pad® is a special ergonomic support designed in collaboration with a team of neonatal paediatricians to welcome your baby and accompany them during the first delicate months of life.

Pampered and protected:The shape of the Welcome Pad® is designed to give the baby the envelopment and protection they need, especially in the first 7-9 weeks of life when it is advisable to reproduce conditions that mimic intrauterine conditions as closely as possible.

Always in the most correct position:Welcome Pad® promotes comfortable lying on the back and alignment of the spine; it helps the baby to breathe correctly.

It adapts to growth:The adjustable anatomical cylinder gently accompanies the natural flexion of the baby’s legs, promoting osteoskeletal muscle relaxation

Against plagiocephaly:The special shape of the disc where the babies rest their heads mitigates the risk of plagiocephaly, better known as Flathead Syndrome, and promotes the natural closure of the posterior fontanelle.

Thermal comfort:Welcome Pad® controls the baby’s temperature and perspiration thanks to its highly breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial bamboo fibre lining and 3D mesh coupled with foam padding. The 3D mesh bottom and 40 ventilation holes of the mattress favour air circulation and prevent moisture build-up.

Seat Unit:The reversible seat allows the stroller to be used in two different directions.
Facing the parent for the first few months when the baby needs reassurance from the gaze and contact of mum and dad, facing the street for when they are older.

The right time to change direction? It will be the child itself who will make it clear: if they turn continuously to look around, then it will mean that they are ready to discover the world and that will be the right time to position the seat so that it faces the street.

The stroller can be folded “sandwich style” either with the seat facing you or facing the street, standing on its own.

The backrest can be reclined thanks to a centralised control, the seat becomes horizontal to ensure correct posture and comfort. Your child’s legs are always supported comfortably by the extending footrest, to continue to use the stroller even when they are asleep.

Car Seat Darwin:

Darwin i-Size has obtained a very good assessment in major European and consumer safety tests such as ADAC. Best in class for ergonomics.

The ergonomic shape, the large size and the angle of inclination make it extremely comfortable for the baby, who will maintain the correct posture even in the first months of life thanks to the highly breathable soft Lycra reduction cushion.

The head hugger can be height-adjusted via a central control, and is integrated with the harness system to easily adapt to the growth of your child.


1-Large wheels and easy operation

You can tackle all terrain and overcome any obstacle with ease (diameter: front wheels 215 mm; rear wheels 290 mm). Easy to operate thanks to double ball bearings on all four wheels and extremely smooth.

2-Double layered tyres

The rubber tyres with differentiated inner double layer reduce vibrations and stress transmitted to the child and the handle by the roughness of the terrain.

3-Adaptive Cruise System

Aptica XT dynamically adapts to your child’s growth thanks to independent suspension adjustment technology on all wheels that ensures maximum comfort for your child at all times.

4-Suspensions adjustment

Choose the SOFT or HARD mode according to the terrain and the weight of the child

5-Opening and closing a chassis has never been easier

Thanks to the exclusive system patented by Inglesina, the chassis opens and closes with just one hand. Further on, it is extremely compact and remains upright on its own.


6-Spacious storage basket

The very large and deep basket allows you to load everything you need to face your adventures. It has an integrated pocket to store and have small items at hand. The reflective material profile makes evening strolls safer.


With the practical Stand-up you can use the carrycot to ensure your baby sleeps soundly, even at home. In the first months of life your baby will need a lot of sleep, even 16-18 hours a day. If they fall asleep when they come back from a walk, position the carrycot in a comfortable and hygienic way on the Stand-up, thus turning it into a real bed for a sweet rest.

Newborns often prefer to sleep in a pram because they feel more protected than in a traditional carrycot or baby bed. Thanks to the Stand-up you can have your baby at the side of your bed to help you during the night feedings.