My Baby Mattress Kiara 95 X 65 X12 Cm

AED. 450.00
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  • My Baby Mattress Kiara 
  • Kiara mattress has memory foam Aquapur
  • In this way, the air circulates more easily, making the mattress breathable
  • The mattress takes care of the child carefully during his sleep
  • Protects it from allergies and mites
  • The ventilated structure of the mattress does not allow the retention of moisture and bacteria, the main causative agents of allergies, asthma and skin irritations
  • It is composed of Innogel memory foam - fresher than ordinary memory foam
  • Gel parts slow down heat absorption, relieve heat sensation to have continuous sleep
  • Aquapur foam creates a soft and comfortable feel - its structure with open cells ensures air circulation inside the mattress
  • All mattresses are breathable, providing dry, secure and comfortable support to the baby
  • Made in Spain


95 * 65 * 12 cm