Spectra Accessory Kit

AED. 200.00
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Our Breastfeeding Accessory Kit serves as the ultimate companion for all Spectra Breast Pumps. Allows busy mamas to keep clean parts/ replacements handy for pumping, storage, and feeding.



 Main Features

  • Available in multiple sizes for a comfortable fit
  • Easy setup and cleaning
  • Only BPA-free materials used for all parts that come into contact with the milk
  • Dishwasher-Safe/ Hand wash recommended
  • Compatible with all Spectra Electric Pumps (*for Dual models you need the tubing adapter piece)

More Details

Our breast pumping accessory kits are great time savers for parents.

They allow you to keep clean parts within reach when you’re running out of breastfeeding supplies. Convenient for swapping dirty breast pumping accessories between cleanings or as a backup set for outdoor usage.

The set includes various breastfeeding essentials, including breast shield, silicone valve, tubing, baby bottle, and slow flow soft teat. Each product is made of safe materials with zero traces of BPA to preserve milk quality and baby’s health.

It’s designed to fit all Spectra Electric Breast Pumps.

Words of Wisdom

  • Do NOT wash/ sterilise tubing
  • Scroll through our  Breast Shield Size Guide to find the perfect comfort fit. Feel free to contact customer support for recommendations
  • Hand wash delicate parts to minimise wear and tear
  • Don’t wash/sterilise the tubing
  • Get the Cooler Kit to carry our breastfeeding kit wherever you go
  • Only use Spectra original breastfeeding accessories to optimise performance

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x breast shield (choose size)
  • 1 x backflow protector
  • 1 x silicone valve
  • 1 x tubing
  • 1 x wide neck milk bottle with lid, 160 ml
  • 1 x slow flow soft teat size S, 0 to 3 months