Spectra PA Feeding Bottle SET 160ml

AED. 175.00
Tax included.

Choosing the right bottle material for your baby!

• 3-in-1 milk bottles for pumping, storing, and feeding
• High transparency and scratch resistant same as glass
• Does not absorb odor or color
• Best durability and heat tolerance
• Safe to use with Dishwasher, Steriliser (UV or Steam), Bottle warmer
• Longest lifetime expectance – 1 year or more
• Designed from the best material to protect baby’s health
• Easy to grip, fill, and feed
• Leak-proof lid to prevent spillage during storage and travel
• BPA-Free milk bottles to preserve natural benefits of breast milk
• Easy to clean and sterilise
• Fully compatible with Spectra Breast Pumps for instant pumping and storage
• Accessories available: Spectra 360 Brush Set, Spectra Teat Soft Silicone available in 5 sizes, Spectra Weight Straw Set, Spectra Baby Bottle Handle, Spectra Baby Bottle Airtight Cap
• Embossed measurements ensure they don’t wash off
• Suitable for fridge or freezer
• Convenient, practical expressing without wastage – express into the bottle, store and then use to feed• Capacity: 160 ml
• Teat size Small (0 to 3 months)