Plastimyr Trainer Seat - Blue

AED. 70.00
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A Comfortable toilet seat Children use the handles to maintain balance and be safe, 
which makes it hygienic as they are not caught at the edge of the toilet. Before each use make sure that the reducer with handles is placed stably on the toilet.
Suitable for all standard toilets. Do not use the handle reducer if it is damaged or incomplete.
  • Never leave the child unattended.
  • Children can use this product only under the supervision of an adult.
  • The child should be able to sit on his own and hold on to the toilet reducer.
  • You should be especially careful with 24-month-old babies.
  • Depending on the level of development, you will need to hold the baby with one hand during use.
  • Never place it near fire or other heat sources.
  • Never use the reducer as a platform or toy