Plastimyr Folding Bathtub Bebe Lea - Grey Dots

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The Lea folding bathtub for baby is prepared so that you can bathe your baby in an easy and flexible way, you can also use it as a changing table for your baby, the bucket adapts very well to the baby and facilitates the bath in a very effective way. You can follow the instructions of the folding baby bath inside the box, it has a very simple assembly since it consists of some beads pieces, you do not need machinery to assemble it, in one simple step you will have it ready to use with your baby

  • Folding baby bathtub
  • Rigid bathtub with folding changer with anti-roll system
  • Folding chassis, rigid bucket with plug and drain pipe
  • Anti-slip tray and feet
  • Easy and compact closure
  • It is a good quality bathtub and can get the outside of the bathtub wet without problems. The tray at the bottom is rigid, but thanks to folding, it will not take up space. It really is a very practical bathtub at a good price when it comes to bathing the baby.