Babyjem Amber Necklace - Multicolor

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It is recommended that babies start to be used during teeth extraction, i.e. drooling (around 4-5 months).

Because when the baby starts drooling, it is necessary to keep the chest area dry continuously so that your baby does not get sick.
Since immunity also decreases partially during teething; Amber's immunity strengthening feature is also thought to be activated, thereby protecting your baby from possible infections.

  • The most important feature of amber is said to destroy 'pain'.
  • The tooth puts pressure on your baby's gums to get out, which causes pain.
  • Amber is among some known faults that relieve toothache, as well as earache.
  • Considering that the 6th month of change between parents and their babies is the transition period to solid foods, it may be the preferred reason for mothers not to have the problem of 'tooth-borne food rejection'.

The baby who continues to take his food will not be weakened, and it is predicted that the sleep problems of a baby who does not have pain and continues his daily diet regularly will decrease.
There may be a decrease in night waking due to 'pain' or 'hunger' at night.
Amber also collects static electricity, so it protects our child from negative energy flow.
Amber Baby Tooth Necklace is referred to as 'amber Baby Tooth Necklace' because each bead is 'knotted' and parents find the only bead that falls around in case of possible rupture, preventing the baby from putting/swallowing the bead in his mouth and the possible danger of 'suffocation'.