Babyjem Baby High Chair Dark Grey

AED. 150.00
Tax included.
  • The Babyjem High Chair is easy to install and use. It does not take up space. Thanks to its non-slip feet, you can be used safely on all kinds of floors Thanks to its removable front tray, you can dock at the dining table, you can give your baby the habit of feeding You can easily clean the front tray that can be removed with a single button. When the front tray is removed, there is an anti-slip protective bar in front of it. In the middle part there is a step that prevents stretching in the 4 legs. Thanks to its lightweight structure, it can be easily transported anywhere. Thanks to the lightweight and robust materials that are disassembled, it offers the advantage of easy installation and storage. Suitable for use between 6-36 months. It has a 3-point seat belt. The three-point seat belt prevents your baby from falling and keeps him upright Thanks to the patterns on the tray, it offers fun meal times. The pattern on the tray is not a sticker, the protrusion does not wear out.