Babyjem Baby Nail Scissors / Blue

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Babyjem Baby Nail Scissors Blue Features

Made of stainless steel, baby nail clippers allow you to cut your baby's nails without harming them with their rounded ends.

There are rubber finger holes inside to ensure complete safety during use.

When it comes to babies, the firsts you'll experience are always exciting and worrying. Just like the first day you cut your baby's nails...

In fact, the source of both this excitement and anxiety is the fear that even the possibility of hurting the baby creates on the parents.

However, when you apply a few tips that you need to know in this regard, especially in nail care, you will see that the situations that require you to be afraid or anxious are eliminated.

When should it be cut first?

Babies are usually born with long nails. Although these nails look thin and harmless, they can damage your baby's skin and cause him to scratch his face.

For this reason, babies' nails should be cut without delay.

Previously, the common time interval accepted by experts was 6 weeks, but now there is no harm in cutting it earlier.

How to cut babies' nails?

Here's what you need to know about nail cutting, which most parents think darkly.

First of all, you should prefer nail clippers specially prepared for babies.

Because the ends of these scissors are not pointed and are safer for babies.

When cutting babies' nails, first hold the finger gently and pull back the fleshy part of the finger.

Then you should cut the nail clippers by placing them on the nail so that they are not too deep.

Finally, with the help of a paper file, file your baby's nails, especially the more pointed nail edges.

You can easily cut your baby's nails while holding your baby, bathing or breastfeeding.

Because your baby will relax in this time, it will not cause you much difficulty.

Toenails should be cut straight, not round.

The shape is very important in toenails, which need to be cut at least as carefully as hand nails.

Because when you cut your baby's toenails round instead of straight, this can lead to ingrown toenails.

In addition, when cutting, each finger should be held one by one, the pointed places should be filed.

If you accidentally cut off the baby's skin.

Although you pay close attention, it can happen to many parents.

What you need to do at this point is to press a little with sterile gauze until the blood stops.

Then you can apply antibiotic ointment.

In order not to accidentally cut the skin, you can apply the method we mentioned above to pull down the fleshy part of the finger while cutting the nail.

The last step of care; soapy cloth

Babies are more mobile than you think, and their hands can get dirtier than you ever thought.

Moreover, when we think about how often he uses his hands, he can get an infection every time he puts his hand in his mouth and eyes.

For this, it is important that you wipe your baby's hands frequently with a soapy cloth.