Babyjem Side Sleep Pillow With Blue Bear

AED. 165.00
Tax included.

The recommended side-lying position in babies born at the top is recommended to prevent blockages due to vomiting. Babyjem Teddy Bear Safe Side
Tilt Pillow makes the recommended side tilt position for newborns safe and comfortable for your baby.
Side sponges that support your baby's back and abdomen, which you lay on the soft fiber-filled floor of the pillow, provide him with a comfortable and safe sleeping space.
It helps to keep your baby's head posture, which is tilted in the side position, in the side position that should be.
Thanks to its sponges on the back and abdomen, it prevents your baby from waking himself up by returning to different positions.
Cute figures and soft velvet texture provide a comfortable sleeping space without irritating your baby's skin. The side
cushions can be shaped according to your baby's size thanks to the soft velcro on the floor.
The zippered case can be washed in the washing machine.