Babyjem Soft Tip Spoon 2 Pcs - Green And Blue

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The silicone-tipped spoon is an ideal product that you can use in the transition from breast milk to food. Thanks to its soft tip, you can easily give the consistency of fluid custard or food to your baby without damaging the palate. Since your baby is accustomed to soft-tipped bottles and pacifiers, the soft silicone texture of the spoon makes it easier for your baby to get used to the spoon. It is ideally sized for babies and its edges are rounded for maximum safety. For safe grip, the non-slip handle helps easy feeding. It makes nutrition enjoyable for your child. Thanks to the long handle handle, it reaches the extremes of deep jars. +5 months The return of damaged products is not accepted. In cargo-induced damages, a return can be made with the cargo report document. Healthy Product