Happy Horse Grey Rabbit Richie Tuttle / 25cm

AED. 39.00
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Happy Horse make-out /cuddle – a soft toy for your baby. It is made of soft material and is one of the first friends of the baby since birth. It gives children a sense of security in the cri cot and in the stroller. Children are reassured when they can make out in their hands or in their hands before going to bed.

At the moment when your baby already perceives subtle colors and shapes, the cuddle will entertain the motifs of cheerful childhood friends. Every baby's going to be impressed. Toys from dutch manufacturer Happy Horse are tested and do not contain toxic substances. All products are suitable for children.

Toy maintenance:

Wash in a washing machine at a temperature of no more than 30 °C in a gentle program. It must not be bleached, chemically cleaned, ironed and must not be dried in a tumble dryer. Can be washed in a washing machine at 30°. size 25 cm


• Prevent sleepless nights and order a spare one.

• Nice to give as a baby gift, maternity gift, maternity gift boy, maternity gift girl.