Jane Kangaroo Soil Backpack

AED. 488.00
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by Jane

With the carrying backpack you can distribute the weight of your baby between the hips and the back. Its wide handles make it very Comfortable.

Jane Backpack Kangaroo 60246 s45 color SOIL, is the most complete and functional Jané backpack, for its ergonomic system. You can also carry your baby in 3 ways, forward, inward and also on the back. In GRAY AND BLACK.

  • KANGAROO BACKPACK from 3.5 kg. to 15kg.

Very comfortable. Distribute the weight between the hip and back. It favors the good maturing development of the baby's head.

  • Wide straps to distribute the weight evenly.
  • Folding headrest, Breathable interior.
  • Padded to protect the baby's back.
  • Lumbar support.
  • Easy and fast to adjust.
  • Easy opening.
  • Dorsal restraint harness.
  • Inner flap to choose the position of the leg.