Mother's Choice Hooded Towel With Face Cloth - Pink

AED. 75.00
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No one ever wants bath time to end, but make sure when it does, you're wrapping your baby up in our soft hand hooded towel to keep them cozy. Also perfect for after swimming lessons or the beach!

Comes with soft hand wash cloth to help clean your babies after milk, drool, teething, playing. Skin friendly, breathable and water absorption.

When you cradle your baby in your arms after bath time it’s going to feel like you have the most precious  plushy while your baby will feel dry, comfortable and warm.  


  • Generously sized at 76.2  x 76.2cm
  • Embroidery hooded towel
  • reusable wash cloth
  • Perfect for 0 - 4 years. One size fits most
  • Hood offers extra coziness and easy drying after water activities
  • Easy dry, soft and snuggly
  • Machine washable

 Size :

  • Hooded towel: 76.2  x 76.2cm
  • Face cloth :  25 x 25 cm