My Baby Mattress Dory 127 X 63 X 13 Cm for Erbesi Brand

AED. 1,080.00
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One of the best baby crib mattresses worldwide 

Double sides winter side and summer side 

  • Made in Spain

Memory foam and pocket spring adapt to baby’s body to provide a uniform temperature.

Do you need a new mattress for your son or daughter? This week we talked about the fabulous Dory crib mattress from the Technic Series from My Baby Mattress. Each baby has specific needs and to adapt to them we have designed a wide variety of mattresses with the aim of getting the best rest for the little ones.

What advantages does the Dory crib mattress bring to our baby?

The Dory model is a two-stage mattress, a great option for the rest of our children. It has a bagged spring and Visco Innogel.

This type of spring has at its core a housing of individual springs wrapped in fabric bags. Thanks to this, it provides greater uniformity, improves ergonomics and reduces pressure points.

On the other hand, visco Innogel, cooler than common viscoelastic thanks to the gel that delays the absorption of heat, relieves the baby and reduces his agitation while sleeping.

It has an inner cover with breathable and elastic mesh, which provides the necessary security to the baby.

It also has a removable and washable cover, its zippers comply with the UNE EN 71.3:96 standard. The cursor remains in a pocket to prevent the baby from harming himself and can be washed without problems respecting the indications of the label.

Finally, it is a highly breathable mattress, this prevents accumulations of CO bags.2 and humidity.

Stretch Fabric

Thermo Fiber

Visco Innogel®

Spring sac

Reinforced frame

Aquapur® core

Airfresh 3D

120*60*13 cm