Quax Lamp - Namum Dlight (Table Lamp)

AED. 565.00
Tax included.
Shape your light to your preferences with the D’LIGHT Transformable Kinetic Table Lamp. This award winning design allows you to customize the way you use light in your space. At first glance, it looks like a traditional yet quirky lamp. However, there are actually five different configurations with the same lampshade. These include classic, modern, angel wing, skirt, and heart. With each configuration comes a different intensity of light ranging from 50% with the classic to 100% with the heart. You can easily move through these configurations as and when you need to change up the mood of the room. In addition, the D’LIGHT Lamp is also controllable with the app. For iOS and Android, you can change the shape, motion, color, and intensity with a tap. The motor inside the D’LIGHT Lamp does all of the legwork. You can also use the app to sync the lamp to music, a timer, and mood.