Spectra 100% Water Ice Pack

AED. 75.00
Tax included.

Plenty of cold without the wet mess. For busy days on the move, use this sustainable Ice Pack from Spectra made with 100% water which keeps your breastmilk safe and cold, at the perfect temperature for storage and transportation.

  • Non-toxic ice pack that delivers extended cooling performance
  • Reusable
  • Mess-free meets your cooling needs without causing drips, leaks, and wetness
  • Soft pouch molds to fit items for better, more localized cooling
  • Weight 340 grams
  • Dimension cm 20 x 15 x 1 (H x L x W)

More details

Yet another great product from Spectra specially created to help you store and transport your milk at a proper temperature.

The best thing about this soft pouch ice pack is that you can continue using it long after your baby days are over, to keep cool your lunch box or the drinks for the family picnics.

What’s in the box?

·        1 x Spectra 100% Water Ice Pack