Spectra Dual Compact Electric Breast Pump

AED. 2,550.00
Tax included.

Things get easier with Spectra’s latest dual pumping technology. The Dual Compact allows setting the Left and Right suction differently for each of your breasts. More silent than a kitten’s purr, this amazing hospital-grade rechargeable pump is recommended for active moms who are seeking portability and performance.

What’s in the box?
1 x Spectra Dual Compact breast pump
2 x wide neck breast shield 24mm
2 x milk bottle (160 ml) with disc, cap, airtight cap & lid
2 x slow flow soft teat (0-3 months)
2 x tubing with adapter
2 x backflow protector
2 x valve
1 x power adapter type G
user manual


• Dual/ Single pumping by un/covering the tubing nozzle
• Portable can fit easily in any tote bag
• Rechargeable pump with built-in battery for 2 hours of uninterrupted usage
• Type C charger gives flexibility – use your mobile’s wire to charge the pump in the car
• LCD display to check settings and pumping time, convenient also in the dark
• Dual Motor Technology to adjust the vacuum differently for each breast
• Closed system for safe and hygienic pumping
• Adjustable settings to meet your individual needs
• Massage mode 5 Levels for the let-down phase
• Expression mode 12 Levels with 300 mmHg max power
• Quiet with Mute function
• Weight only 635 grams
• Dimension cm 9 x 18 x 11 (H x L x W)
• Warranty 2 years for the pump, 90 days for the accessories