Spectra Nipple Shield Set

AED. 48.00
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Spectra Nipple Shield is a pair of 2 soft, silicone nipple shields to place over your nipples during breastfeeding. This protects your sore nipples during breastfeeding, and also acts as a reinforcement for Mums with flats or inverted nipples, allowing babies to latch easier. Breastfeeding should not be chore! This nipple shield makes nursing a comfortable and enjoyable time for Mum and baby.

  • Thin and soft silicone, BPA free
  • Neutral is taste
  • Texture and shape mimics real nipple, making it comfortable for baby to latch
  • Good for sore cracked nipples, flat or inverted nipples
  • assists latching
  • Curved shape on top allows space for baby's now to be in contact with Mum's skin, facilitate comfort
  • Available in Small (16mm) Medium (20mm) Large (24mm)
  • Includes storage case